суббота, 12 января 2019 г.

For a while, I don’t hear Maria’s voice at all.

For a while, I don’t hear Maria’s voice at all. I don’t hear the music either. The only sound in the yoga studio is Sandra’s lips on mine. Then the shuffle of clothing as it comes off. Then the heat of breathy moans. Then the swish of wet pussies. Then the slapping of skin as I finger her. Then the muted shrieks of orgasm.</p><P>“Her turn,” says Maria, finally. I look up at her from my belly as I take my mouth away from Sandra’s tan thighs. Maria is naked as well. Goddess, what happened to her body? I can see the hardness of muscle, almost as though Reyna made her do nothing but work out when she wasn’t servicing her goddess. But in the dim light, I can see the faint trace of lines (scars?) and bruises all over her. Is this the kind of woman I’m giving myself to?</p><P>Of course, she is. I’ve seen Reyna with June and Kathy. I remember what Maria did to June out of devotion to her goddess. This isn’t some pleasure resort I’m selling myself to.

вторник, 8 января 2019 г.

Some of you might remember my short cameo

Some of you might remember my short cameo ‘Damned if…’ - about my other half’s niece who came to stay. Cranky after a miserable car journey my ‘Good ~ Lady’ suggested that I ‘looked after’ her by giving her one of my ‘Famous’, well that’s according to my Lady, massages. </p><P>Massage my foot!! I’m not sure who put who up to what but we/she ended up screwing the bejesus out of each other. Now please don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it, but it’s a subject that’s never been raised in the Sven household. Other than my Lady jumping my bones that night!

Something that she never does when we have guests staying. Discretion - mine means I’ve never alluded to that day nor, as I want to retain the full-working use of my ‘dangly bits’ am I ever likely to.</p><P>Except… well, we went to stay with her - the journey’s only half a day, but does involve some roads where the drivers seem to park their brains elsewhere so there can be hold-ups. Inevitably the day we traveled there were plenty of those. With the result that it was my turn to be stiff, achy and cranky - very cranky.</p><P>Sam suggested that she might give me a ‘rub-down’ with an ‘oily rag’ as it were - whereupon my other half immediately announced she needed some fresh air and exercise and would take the dog for a walk.